Juanita Potts Family Home

Adult Care
Family Style

Our Mission

Juanita Potts Family Home's mission is to champion quality of life for all seniors.  Our newly renovated facility offers the best luxury environment possible while maintaining safety and security for our residents.  Each of our staff  members share our resident-centered philosophy of care based on deep convictions about how to achieve the best quality of life for each individual.

Our Principles of Service

Preserving Dignity

We value the life experiences of every senior and give each the respect they deserve.

Nurturing the Spirit

We care for the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Our team members care not only for the physical needs of our residents, but are committed to providing opportunities for social interaction, mental exercise and spiritual fulfillment that suits the tastes and preferences of each resident.

Celebrating Individuality

We recognize that every one of our residents is unique. Each one has a life story we want to hear and understand, with personal tastes and preferences that will be respected.

Enabling Freedom of Choice

We empower seniors to live as they wish by offering choices. Our residents are encouraged to live their lives as they wish - just like they’ve always done.

Encouraging Independence

We encourage our residents’ right to self-reliance in whatever ways possible. Our facility is specially designed to encourage mobility in a safe environment, and care givers are trained to support our residents' choices whenever possible.

Involving Family and Friends

We welcome family and friends to participate in all activities and events. There are no "visiting hours", and we encourage visitors to spend time with residents at any time of day or night. Our care managers and community leaders regularly communicate with family members to ensure we are providing the very best service for our residents.