Juanita Potts Family Home

Adult Care
Family Style

Adult Care

Juanita Potts Family Home is the ideal solution for seniors who value their independence, yet need some help with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and medication reminders. We focus on individual wellness, and encourage continued independence with a tailored plan of assistance provided by well-trained team members available 24-hours a day. Juanita Potts Family Home is not only a home-like, resident-centered alternative to many nursing homes, it is a completely different option to consider when your loved one does not require intensive skilled nursing care.

Temporary Stay

If you are taking care of your elderly parent and need a place for your loved one to stay for a week or two while you are travelling, or if you (or your loved one) just need a break from each other, consider having him or her stay with us on a temporary basis.  He/she will receive the same benefits that our full-time residents enjoy while they are away from you. 

The Individualized Service Plan

Because we respect the fact that individuals have their own needs and preferences right from the beginning, we meet with each resident and family before they move in - and at regular intervals afterwards - to help determine appropriate care and service. A team of our professionals comprised of the executive director, resident manager, health care coordinator, and our designated care giver then work together to create an individualized plan that is monitored on a daily basis. Our focus is on providing care while preserving each resident’s dignity, encouraging independence and best enabling freedom of choice. The plan might include help with personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and clothes selection, showering and bathing, assistance with eating, continence management, mobility, socialization and medication management.

How it Works

The team refers to each resident’s ISP daily. For example, it guides the team on when a resident prefers breakfast and how the team can encourage independence when assisting with grooming, dressing and bathing. It might also guide them to keep an eye on mobility, wellness or medication management. As the team learns through care-giving and feedback, this information is noted in the plan and the individualized program is updated.

The Benefits

By working with an Individualized Service Plan, our team focuses on understanding each individual’s needs and preferences. It guides them in providing meaningful and consistent quality service and care. Should a resident's needs change, the team can adapt quickly. Residents and their families can be confident that such detailed understanding leads to the personalized care and services necessary for the best quality of life.