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Juanita Potts Family Home understands that no two people are alike. This is why it is so important our caregivers build lasting bonds with each resident and his or her family. The stronger the relationship, the better the caregiver can personalize service.  Our well-trained care givers are responsible for assisting residents with their needs. But, that is only the start. We also offer a helping hand, listening ear and a serving heart. We encourage independence, preserve dignity and assist residents in their suites and throughout the facility.

Our care givers are compassionate, well-trained and committed to championing quality of life for seniors, who consistently care for the same group of residents. They focus on learning each resident’s unique needs and are supported by other members of the community team. In addition to resident care, our care givers also assist with housekeeping, laundry, dining services, activities and other functions that allow them to spend more time together with the residents.

Our care givers soon become a friend the resident can turn to for emotional support. They keep a close eye on the resident and are uniquely placed to observe and react to changes. Because they get to know the resident so well through daily interactions, they can make regular, valuable contributions to the resident’s Individualized Service Plan. An additional benefit that is appreciated by families is that they know they can turn to one person at the facility who knows their loved one well.